Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Don't Make This S**t Up. Nope.

Female Sexual Dysfunction: Myth or Malady?

I'll take M'lady for $1000, Alex.

Mammography: What to Do Now?

Nothing, really. They tend to puff back out on their own.

Heart Disease Found in Mummies

What about duddies, eh? Nobody wants to talk about them. Duddie discrimination, I tells ya!

People's Sexiest Man Alive '09 is surprise pick

2010 pick, however, is a foregone conclusion.

Byrd becomes longest-serving Congress member

Cookie Monster plans run against the yellow tweet. Says his member is longer-serving, and tastier, too.

Palin: My Father Raised a 'Tough Hunting Buddy'

"I know first-hand what its like to be field dressed," she said.

Maersk Alabama Evades Second Pirate Attack

Changes topic to second pirate wedding.

A Dental Shift: Implants Instead of Bridges 

Plus, they're easier to bite than an iron truss.

5 Reasons Why Google Should Not Sell Handsets 

Well, duh! Who has 5 hands?!

Heh, heh.









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