Friday, February 17, 2012

Mitt's Dark and Dirty Past - What, You're Surprised?

We all got 'em, we all want 'em to disappear, and we all dread the moment they show up on the evening news.

Mitt wants us to know he isn't interested in the poor, which, to my mind, sort of went without saying. But to be sure no one misrepresented him, he done gone and said it. So there. Phtttppbbbbtttttt! As for the rich, he doesn't want to worry about them, because that would be like saying he was feeling rather poorly himself, so better keep mum on that particular demographic. Bt apparently he does care about the middle class, which sort of affirms the class warfare attitude the Repubs have been railing against, but deep in their hearts, planning on fighting to win - the class warfare, I mean. And because to the victor goes the spoils, well, the race to drain the middle class of whatever spoils haven't already been taken by the Corporate Pirates is going great guns.

But we must wonder about Mitt's general hold on reality, when the same day he dumps the poor overboard, he allows himself to be vetted by the Trumpster. "...I don't careabout the rich.." provides an odd little counterpoint to appearing in mutual triumphalism with Mr. Plastic Hair himself. But given Mitt's generally plasticine face and persona, The Donald's hair did sort of complete the picture. Was this merely a subtle wink to the rich, to the effect that, "smoke and mirrors, boys, smoke and mirrors?" Because otherwise, tone-deaf comes strongly to mind.

Mitt really does need to start worrying about any skeletons. Despite the conventional "wisdom" that his stable marriage, breeders cup-level offspring quotient, and smiling shark persona, anybody that has been the Bain of so many people's livelihoods has made some enemies, and they are sure to start popping up shortly. Because as much as John Kerry got slammed with the "flip-flopper" label, Mitt has laid the groundwork to kick Kerry off his winner's pedestal forever. It was from the Swifty-Boats we learned that every time you flip-flop, another pissed-off constituent surfaces. Or in the case of some others, of both parties, that "inconvenient affair/indiscretion/bathroom sex romp pops up like whack-a-mole. And with a remarkably similar outcome.

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