Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The 1 Percent is On The March!

So S&P is now threatening the EU with a downgrade of their credit rating, like that's really gonna make anything better. Well, except for the 1%, that is - of COURSE it's gonna be better for them - who do you think S&P work for, anyway? But somehow, I have a feeling we are getting really close to a breaking point, and here I speak not of the global environment, nor the state of Herman Cain's harem problems, but of how much the 1% can push their greed down all our throats before we just go and upchuck all over their Gucci-covered asses.

If they try to force "austerity" down the throats of many countries in the EU without making demands on the wealth-hoarding class, I strongly suspect that the lessons everyone is learning from the so-called "Arab Spring," (notice anything unusual coming from Russia the past few days?) will start showing up in more European and American cities over the weeks leading up to the holiest day in Consumerdom - Bleak Monday. Use my credit card, or, pay the damn thing off, and quit paying those bastards for all that worthless crap? Hmmm. Take the family on a ski trip, or, get in line at the soup kitchen, again? No brainer, baby.

The Pea Tardy and their lap doggies in Congress want everyone to think this is all the fault of Big Gummint, and that black guy, but that story is getting old and worn, and doesn't hold the same grip on everyone's testicles it did in 2008. The fact is, we are being driven into fiscal and moral bankruptcy by the very people who pull the strings of both those groups - people like the Koch Brothers, the big banks, the brokerages, the weapons, oil, pharma, and chemical companies, who are engaged in a truly desperate and despicable attempt to dismantle the Constitution and erect in its place the oligarchy they all share wet dreams about.

And I don't know about you, but if I'm gonna get screwed, I'd better get to enjoy it, too. These cockroaches? They have no intention of sharing any kind of joy. So unless you really like getting screwed, you might want to think about getting out of bed, right about.....now.

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