Monday, December 5, 2011

Trumped-up Charges, Same-Old, Same-Old

The Trumpster is back!! Oh, come on - did you really believe we were finally rid of this blowhard? Schmoes like the Donald are like dog doo stuck to the bottom of your waffle-soled shoes - damn hard to clean off. And now - oh, it's simply priceless!! - Gingrich is bending over to kiss that pompous ass and defend the Donald from the nastiness of Ron Paul. Man! You just cannot PAY for entertainment like this!!

Romney-mon is his typical shy self, not letting on if he'll be another one to bend over for the CombOver Doll, but we can pretty well rest assured he's just trying to figure out how to bend over and spread them without having to answer any "difficult" questions, like, how many times have you actually flipflopped again, Governor? The Boy really HATES having to be honest with the Amurican Peeps. Might expose his scratchy underwear.

And you just HAVE to love the also rans, who still haven't been able to find their way out of the bag they stuffed themselves into. Michelle-Ma-Belle, and RickyBobby maybe oughta should do their own roadtrip, 'cept they look so much like roadkill at this point they'd get pulled over and arrested for "driving while dead." And RonnyPauley, so cute. Ready to dismantle the entire US Government, if elected. Has anyone let him know yet how little he would have to do on weekdays if he eliminated all those Departments? I mean, he'd essentially be cutting off his nose to spite his face - oh. Oh, right - he does that all the time, doesn't he? hasn't anyone got the guts to tell him that botox is a fine alternative?

And with SugarCain gone, due to way too many indiscretions to find laudable excuses for, you have to be wondering when another mistress will emerge naming Newt the Toot as her Lover-Man of the past decade, or which Choir boy has some memorable moments to share from that Utah summer camp. I can't wait.

As for the other, er, runners in this, uh, race? Who dat?

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