Sunday, December 4, 2011

With Cain Gone, Is Anyone Willing to Be Able?

I did not have sex with that woman. Seems to be an echo in here, ya dig? But, you didn't ask about that other woman. No, not that one, the other one, Hell, I ain't gonna tell you which woman, that's your job. The job of the liars on the liberal media cyborg Commie-lovin' Democrat side of the aisle at the supermarket. How dare you question me, I am a business man!!

Well, silly us, expecting to know the truth, and worse yet, expecting ethical and moral integrity. How bloody stupid have we Amuricans become? Don't listen to that man on the news, listen to the mumblings coming from behind that curtain, the one marked Tea Party Spoken Here.

Ya know, I highly doubt all the cats are out of the bag yet. The way that Romney keeps trying to control the flow of info, the few and bearly substantive interviews, the constant refusal to open himself up for deep and cogent questioning, makes me think there's something he's terrified of coming to light. The rest are clearly wack-a-doodles, but Romney seems to be trying to slide in under the radar. He must be glad that Cain is the one whose sacrifice displeased the Lord, this time.

Has anybody out there even CONSIDERED sleeping with him? Out of his scratchy underwear, that is? Of course, who would really want to admit to such depravity?

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