Friday, December 2, 2011

Long Time Gone, Piss-Poor Excuses

Thought you'd lost me, eh? No such chance. I was basically lying in wait for something a bit different than all the crap that's come before. Yes, I know, futile gesture. But the wait did me good, in addition to an intrusion by other physical structural failures, (hey, aging sucks, OK? Get on with it.) And besides, here we are back in the silly season, declared "party hacks" beating the tar out of each other. Just like the old days, you know - the Roman Coliseum? Only thing missing is the lions, but it would be a shame to give those wondrous beasties food poisoning now, wouldn't it?

But you have to love it, all the gaffes, affairs, insane, so-called "ideas" flouted as reasoned policy objectives. Not to mention the major increase in business to hair-care product companies. And if you have been paying any attention to the latest flavor of the week, well, looks like vanilla is gonna win, unless Grover Norquist rears his ugly butt to object. Probably make everybody sign a pledge to only vote with their feet, on a Wednesday, or some such. These bozitos will sign anything to keep from having Grover approach them with that enema nozzle again.

What I really love about the putative candidates are how they so cynically employ the sordid "Americans want...; Americans don't want...." crap. Well, if you really pay attention to all the polls, not just the one's you paid someone to wipe your arse with, you would be hard pressed to make a case to either effect. Americans want what they want, and I can guaran-damn-tee you it isn't the bullstuff these jokers want Americans to believe it is. The fact is, a very sizable majority of Americans want the wealthy to pay their fair share in taxes, but the Retreads are firmly wedged into the butt-cheeks of those so-called wealthy few so far that they can't reach the remote, and thus continue to live in a parallel fantasy world, clinging to hopes that one of them will be the beauty queen to drag America even further down the rat hole.

I can see an entirely new version of "The Sing Off". Acapella debates, with judges from each social class, but with weighted votes, where The Koch Brothers get the 99%, and everyone else has to split the remaining 1%, and they are required to so so from inside a tent behind the auditorium.

Oughta make for some great television.

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